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About Laisha

CEO and Professional Development maven of LLF-Consulting, LLC

With over 18 years of combined experience in Project Management and Human Resources Laisha birthed LLF-Consulting in 2015. Her knack she best defines as ‘multi-dimensional’. She assists professionals climb the corporate ladder in addition to helping entrepreneurs grow their bottom line. Her strategies have proven to be effective in both the public and private sectors. Born and raised in Chicago, Laisha attended Northern Illinois University. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications, Laisha started her career in the Project Management industry, where she led multi-million dollar projects for a variety of organizations. Some to include: Microsoft, Dell and Careerbuilder. After earning two Master’s degrees (Project Management and Human Resources) Laisha coupled her education and professional experience and created LLF-Consulting, LLC, a firm specializing in Professional Development. Laisha is a certified Project Manager. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and she enjoys traveling too.

LLF-Consulting is the “Phil Jackson” for your “Michael Jordan”

Switching industries is not an easy task but with career coaching it can be seamless. If you are ready to market your best self to reach your dream job.

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“When I met Laisha I was in the early stages of transitioning out of my career field of more than 12 years. After a few weeks of trying to pick a field, apply for jobs & write my resume I was overwhelmed. I decided to step back & ask for guidance from others. The next day, I met Laisha. She told me about LLF and within the first few minutes I knew her services were exactly what I needed. Our first meeting she helped me create manageable & realistic goals for my professional development. Throughout the process she helped me find my strengths, minimize my weakness & how to correctly answer interview questions.”

Ms. Chanel Rose

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